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From looking at it, I'm wondering if that actually is Alpha Trion. I also can't remember if Alpha Trion's showed up in IDW's continuity before. He's got a long, ragged cloth wrapped around the lower half of his face, after all.

And, if Ironhide has actually met Alpha Trion before, it could be post-amnesiac state(maybe Alpha's the one who put him back together after Ironhide stopped Axer from assassinating Prime). Although the indication from the teaser page from the end of #2 is that things are about to get wierd.

The impression I got from the look on Ironhide's face was, "Yeah, right. If yer Alpha Trion, I'm Prowl." The fact that Alpha Trion's 'beard' is a tied on tattered sheet isn't helping his case much.

Again, this could be a whole dream/nightmare sequence. Ironhide might actually still be unconscious, just woke up into a different dream.

Has Costa written anything else besides what we've seen of his Transformers work?
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