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Originally Posted by Sades View Post
Call my bluff why don't you. Sure, I'll just start building a raft now, I may make it out in time.

I'm actually planning for next summer. It's in the works, though I have a grand total of 20 dollars currently set aside for it. And I'm pretty sure I said that at least 3 other times before. I R gud planr.
Well, the offer still stands for next year. Though if I pull (and who knows, now women seem to be going to these things) you'll have to go in the cupboard Britt Ekland in The Man With the Golden gun style. Though obviously without the slap on the ass and "Your turn will come" comment.

I have actually booked my convention tickets! Even without having sorted the Sunday night off work yet. Just need to finally decide if it's worth doing the hotel thing for the Friday night as well now, could be fun but I'll have been at work all the previous night and will most likely be snoring in the evening instead.

EDIT: On the other hand, the two night stay pushes the room cost up to a hundred quid, so just the Sat and Sun it is then.
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