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Good news for those desperate for a Predaking figure. I bought the 2004 reissue, but have since sold it on. Why? Am I mad? No, its just that i was disappointed with it. The individual Predacons are huge clumsy block-formers devoid of any real charm, and Headstrong's metal back means he can't stand up in robot mode with toppling over. The only way to get him to stand is to have weapons in both hands and have his arms outstretched! The blunted look of the beast forms doesn't help them from an aesthetic point of view, and they rely heavily on the careful application of a lot of annoying decals to make them look something like.

The combined form of Predaking is impressive, if only for his size (he towers over all the other merge groups), but his misproportioned torso and Divebomb's wings not staying put make him something of a qualified success.
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