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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Mmm, I was never that mad on the guy... only Rampage is particularly impressive of the team members (while Headstrong and Tantrum are both outright shit, even for combiner limbs, and the whole thing just feels a bit oversized, and quite cheap and nasty.
"So, my loyal employees, we have finally established a way to make a five-robot combiner team with all the members the same size. Congratulations. But I feel it's not enough... it looks somehow disproportionate... anybody have any ideas?"

"We could make it bigger."

"Interesting. But wouldn't that mean re-engineering so that it isn't just big lumps of plastic? Won't that feel cheap?"

"Nah, if we make it BIG then people will just lap it up as a phallic substitute. And the cheapness of the plastic caused by the larger size will just make it more fragile and, as such, more valuable and desirable. And kids won't care because it'll be BIG."

"Fair enough. It doesn't half look familiar though."

"It looks nothing like anything by Bandai. I don't know what you're talking about."

"Eh. Whatever. Make it big. Primary colours... lots of red and yellow. Oh, and black. Kids love black. I'm off to lunch now. If you need new moulds for the bigger toys, just hammer out the ones we used for the Dinobots."
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