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Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Nah, Swoop and Blaster were never released in the UK. I think Blaster was out in Germany (mentioned in a letters page, iirc). The Predacons and Trypticon were released in Italy, but that's because Gig just did whatever the hell they wanted.

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I think its one of those 'must own/ can't own' things. The Preds were never available in the UK, and got some fair exposure in the comic. I think its the same reason I really, really like the Constructicons.
The Constructicons were released in the UK. Eventually, anyway. In, like, 1992 ish. I got my Bonecrusher in Woolies... it was either when the Classics were still on the shelves or when I got my G2 Silverbolt. Better late than never.
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