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Nope. They really look like that in real life. the legs sit forward on the connector points, so his torso looks like its set back from his legs.
Thats what I was afraid of, I suppose I already knew, I remembered seeing the connector port on the Hardhead I had as a kid. I just hoped it wasn't that pronounced...

As for Cliffy's question of what the Fandom sees in Predaking?
I can't speak for everyone else, but the main reasons I've always wanted him is: I never had him as a kid.(and probably the main reason I want him now)
He's the biggest of the combiners. He's made up of mostly(with the exception of Tantrum and Hardhead) Hunting animals. I'm a cat person so how can I not have a combiner that has two cats!

And finally, If someone invades your home he makes a good bludgeoning device!
...although I'd probably reach for MP Megatron before Predaking.
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