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Yeah, I know, I can only recall two lines by Drag Strip, and they weren't in the same episode.
Yeah. Key to Vector Sigma pt 1. The Stunticons had typical introductory lines. "I'm [whoever] and I like to [something loosely based on his name]!" And in Starscream's brigade, he told Megatron to stick it up exhaust port. Or maybe it was tailpipe. Also, without having time to check, I'm pretty sure they all had dialog in Masquerade.

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If he had any lines it was probably just him introducing him self when the Stunticons were made.

Of the Stunt'ers Motormaster, Breakdown, and Wildride where the only ones I can remember ever having more than short one-liners.
Break Down always seemed the most quiet to me. And Dead End, he had some fairly memorable lines and distinctive voice.
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