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Generations Blurr in-package pictures.

Generations Dirge in-package pictures.

Power Core Combiners wave three: repaints of Searchlight as Windburn (as a homage to Gobot Twin Spin), Skyburst as Darkstream and Bombshock as Steelshot with a mismatch of Minicon partners of the first three deluxes. Also, using repaints of Smolder and Huffer and a mix of the Combaticon and Aerialbot limbs, we have a Protectobot gestalt (Stakeout) and a Destron gestalt (Crankcase).

Repaints of ROTF Mindwipe and Skystalker as G2 Dreadwind.

A HFTD Mudflap/Starscream two-pack, plus Stealth Force toys (ROTF Gears, ROTF Megatron, Classics Inferno and Moie Optimus).
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