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Nah, Swoop and Blaster were never released in the UK. I think Blaster was out in Germany (mentioned in a letters page, iirc). The Predacons and Trypticon were released in Italy, but that's because Gig just did whatever the hell they wanted.

The Constructicons were released in the UK. Eventually, anyway. In, like, 1992 ish. I got my Bonecrusher in Woolies... it was either when the Classics were still on the shelves or when I got my G2 Silverbolt. Better late than never.
This is true! The original green combining constructicons limped into retail in about 1991 (I remember a branch of Boots in Portsmouth, where I was holidaying at the time, had them. i got Mixmaster, whom i promptly pulled the arm off) and then we got the non-combining New Constructicons in 1992 (the yellow ones).

The only TF figure that I've been really impressed with that we originally missed out on is Perceptor. he's an awesome toy
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