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Maximum Disappointment.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, why isn't there a MP Soundwave? It's weird considering he's one of the most iconic transformers out there. Most people who only watched the odd episode of G1 as a kid still remember Soundwave over most of the others. To hell with this movie nonsense! /geewun fanboy rant.
Yeah. Rodimus does make a certain amount of sense. But I've never understood Soundwave being downplayed a bit, he does seem the number three icon behind OP and Megs, at least in terms of average Joe remembering him.

And obviously the "cassette recorders aren't relevant for today" explanation wouldn't hold much water for a toyline that features F-15, Walther P38, and...dinosaur molds. If nothing else, his redeco potential is heavier than Rodimus'.

I hope the Rodimus will be able to convert to Hot Rod. That's what would push me to want one.
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