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With Soundwave I think the sheer quality of the original might well be a factor. He's one of the few genuine timeless classics of the G1 line, and what he lacks in modern Balljointed Automorphing Mech Alive Powerlinking Some Twat Designer's Name Worked Into The Paint Apps he more than makes up for in chunky chrome-buttoned spring-loaded battery-weapon retro charm.

Plus a Walther P38 might no longer be among the foremost handguns in the world, it's still a gun and therefore more exciting and marketable than a block which can hold other blocks. I don't think it's so much a matter of relevance as it is display value. At the same time, it should be remembered that Masterpiece figures creep out (how many numbers did they use before they produced a fourth mould?), Takara plainly have no design budget if Hasbro aren't paying them and that just because they're doing Rodimus at the moment doesn't mean they're all sitting there going "Boy, Soundwave sure was unpopular, let's not ****ing bother with him!".
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