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Actually, jets and guns still exist, so they are easy to recognize. Dinosaurs are as relevant now as they were in 1985.

But be honest, how many kids are going to recognize a portable cassette player (Walkman)? It basicly died because Discman ('84) and Minidisk ('92) obsoleted it. And both of those were then obsoleted by the MP3 player.
I get what you're saying. At the same time I think you're underestimating how familiar younger people are with cassette players a bit. I saw a stock tape deck in a kid's PT Cruiser a while back. You'd think that's a recent enough car to have a CD player as a standard option. I was surprised though, you can't even buy anything to play in it now!

Another reason I don't get the relevance bit, the MP line seems to be predominantly bought by adult collectors who are fully aware of the characters, at least in the western part of the world. (I'm honestly not familiar with the Japanese market at all on this.) I'm also thinking about the repeated reissues of the original mold, which consistently sells, as well as the aforementioned redeco potential.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
With Soundwave I think the sheer quality of the original might well be a factor. He's one of the few genuine timeless classics of the G1 line, and what he lacks in modern Balljointed Automorphing Mech Alive Powerlinking Some Twat Designer's Name Worked Into The Paint Apps he more than makes up for in chunky chrome-buttoned spring-loaded battery-weapon retro charm.
Yes! (The only thing I don't like about that mold, and it's a small sacrifice, is the reverse bend in the knees.) This is actually part of the reason I wouldn't be surprised to see an MP Soundwave. Popular character, makes for a decent toy, a consistent seller, why not? I dunno, I just feel Soundwave in a Masterpiece box would really move.
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