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-Denton's working on D&D now mostly. It appears to be based on 4.0-oh, wait, sorry, we care about robots.
-Image of Ongoing cover. HOT ROD IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE (this was one of the bullet points on the slide) and Starscream (with a Matrix a la TFTM Galvatron bling!) on the cover choking the crap out of him. Going to Decepticons, lotta crap going down.
-Images of Transformers: Sector Seven covers. Focuses on the Simmons family history.
-Image of one of the Wreckers covers. I kind of didn't pay attention here, oops.
-Drift 3 including Lockdown (Drift 03 Alex Cover by ~dyemooch on deviantART - not image shown, but shiny nonetheless) and to reveal 'secrets of the third faction'.
-No more Spotlights planned until they fill a few holes in canon/tie things together
-Schmidt mentioned that they're going to try to keep a more steady art style for ongoing
-Also mentioned Punch/Counterpunch 4-issue miniseries - no date planned, no information on artist/writer given, just that they're working on it.
-13 has "No comment"; however, Mike Costa mentioned he 'might' have an email with the subject between him and Simon Furman. Andy's note was "We haven't forgotten them, we haven't forgotten Simon"
-Alex Irvine mentioned when I spoke with him post-panel that he was starting to work on another book, possibly WFC-verse.
Well, that's second (for me, after Hasbro) dissapointing TF panel. The only slightly interesting news is P/CP mini.

BTW, from what i see on various boards, people are more interested in Lockdown appearing in TF: Drift, than the title character.
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