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In a strange move for a Movie based figure, TakaraTomy's just released Autobot Alliance Human Alliance Jazz and Captain Lennox varies from the recently released Hasbro version. The differences are mostly minor, but the most notable differences are Hasbro's has a clear blue visor, clear blue windows, copper/brown hands and joints, and silver around the fog lights, while TakaraTomy's has a brown visor, clear colorless windows, black hands and joints, and black detail around the fog lights. Also Hasbro's Lennox is dressed in light gray to match his outfit at the end of the first film while TakaraTomy's is in dark green seemingly to match the outfit he wore in the second film. TakaraTomy's changes to Jazz try to mimic the movie and realistic Soltice car more while Hasbro's offers some more visual variety than TakaraTomy's.

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