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New toys are always good, but Jazz? I mean, sur ehe's popular, but have we not had a definitive Jazz yet? I think I'm just sick of him/indifferent to another Jazz. Windcharger looks ok, if a bit generic, Grapple looks the most fun out of all of them for me. Definetly one I'd think about buying.

I don't mind Perceptor's alt mode, looks suitable, changing into a giant microscope was always a bit hammy for a scientist anyway. Perceptor was hard as nails in the US Marvel Comic and his microscope mode was something of a big old cannon wasn't it?

Arms look a bit mis-transformed/short on him though.

I won't lie, that Dinobot monstrosity looks awesome, if I can't have frenzy Rumble's masterpiece then that will have to do!
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