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Originally Posted by optimusskids View Post
I have to agree with Dalek any Karaoke longer than about 3 minutes per song should be banned.
And to be really picky, perhaps limit people to one song each rather than two or three? If they'd run out of new victims it was probably time to start the disco.

As a general thought, perhaps it's time to try a separate dealers room again? I know back in (I think) 2005 it was pretty much a disaster thanks to the hotel putting the main hall on the second floor and the dealers room on the 8th (IIRC the dealers sold relatively little that year and it was a major factor in both the abandonment of the venue and it being a while before another two day one was tried).

However, the layout in the rooms at the Holiday Inn used for the last two years would actually lend itself to it. So what is now the main hall keeps the screen, seating and rare toy displays, but the second half of the room is given over to the "alternate" program stuff. So you still have the talks there (which hopefully will be more audible without the talking and hustle from the dealers tables) and when there isn't a talk on have kitbashing, colouring contests, forum meets and so on. Meanwhile the dealers (and the signings?) take over the second room with the gonzo insane sized toilet.

Oh, and personality transplants for the staff. Especially the one at the head of the food table who seemed to think asking "Are you a Transformer?" of every person who came up was the height of wit.

EDIT: Hotel staff that is. The AA people were as good as always, and I actually thought the compare did a better job this year, the "Ladishness" thing was toned down a bit, especially with regards to lusting over the cosplayers. I could do without the smug destroying of crap toys next time though.
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