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And seriously Stan, the second films been out on DVD close to a year now. You could have edited in some non trailer clips, I'm guessing it's not as if you asked for permission for the ones you did grab.
My guess is Paramount know full well he's violating the copyright on their film, but know if they phone the guy to tell him to knock it off they'll have to put up with a 56-year old man begging them to please, please, please include "The Touch", any version, any version they want on the Return of Jolt soundtrack collection of inoffensive metal songs that may or may not briefly play in the background of a scene as he needs to eat.

The complete lack of self-respect the man has is basically astonishing - I mean, does Chesney Hawkes spend his days trying to pressure people into putting "The One and Only" out again? No, he's gone out and got a ****ing job.
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