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Bang ****ing bang. Look at the people pissing and bitching about how long it's taking certain Generations figures to land in their laps, or read the penny-pinching budgets everyone expects these figures to conform to. See, Fansproject are dependant on Hasbro - they're using Hasbro's basic design and the fanbase created by Hasbro's product.

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If Hasbro could lavish the amount of time Fansproject do on each figure, I'm sure the results would be a lot less favourable to FP. As noted above, Fansproject releases cost, what, 5 times their Hasbro equivalent? That's a hell of a lot more budget. FP are in the position where they can go away and come up with a toy in their own time, often working from other people's actual basic designs (e.g. Springer benefits from numerous character models being in existence, as well as a physical toy to use for a bit of inspiration; they didn't design Springer from the bottom up). They sell the toys themselves, meaning they don't have pressure from retailers. They can focus their resources on a single figure rather than coming up with a wave of Deluxes.

I'd seriously argue with 'better' as well. Sure, their Blast Off and Swindle are better than the Diaclone rejects brought out ~25 years ago. But I don't see Fansproject putting out ROTF Leader Prime, Classics Jetfire, Longview or Alternators Smokescreen. I've also yet to see them come up with an original idea. Only fans who actually see the FP figures are comparing them anyway, it's not like little Joe Bloggs is going to throw down Bruticus Maximus in disgust and demand mummy buys him the Fansproject version instead.
It's not so much the matter that Hasbro are being bashed, but that it's being done in such a naive, inaccurate manner.
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