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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
That's not a case, it's evasion.
You misunderstand me, Cliffy. I'm not evading or avoiding anything. I mearly pointed out that whenever I make a comment on this particular subject, I get screamed at and told, in so many words, to be quiet and sit in the corner like a good boy.

Now, I'm not inferring that people are taking potshots at me, nor am I saying the world's out to shut me down. I simply pointed out that when I open my mouth about this, someone tells me to shut it - then low-and-behold, I agreed with Thunderwave, and someone with a big stick bares their teeth.

I made a point, and you and our friendly neighbourhood Hasbro rep proved it.

I'm not naturally a quiet person, and when someone tells me to be a good boy, I respond by bouncing off the walls. I have an opinion, and I will voice it when I feel like doing so. I don't ask people to like it, that's their choice. But don't ask me to be quiet, 'cus I won't.

So thanks for making my point for me, you guys really made my paranoia feel appreciated today.
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