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Hasbro does fine as is, sure they could get some improvements but they work on a much larger scale and a far bigger mass production. After all, their toys go to the general toy stores, comic stores or whatever store sells Transformer toys. Then there are all the online stores. Then there is FansProject that make figures based of Hasbro's design and sell them at a much higher price due to their complexity and limited production scale. After all, FansProject makes figures for fans by fans, and as such they got more time to twiddle around with perfecting a figure that are mostly only sold online where as in Hasbro works with mass production and a far greater range to sell toys.

FansProject is purely for fans and collectors, not for your average Joe that happens to buy a toy once or twice in a store or for the average kid from 10 and below. Hasbro however isn't purely for fans and collectors, it's for the average Joe who picks up a toy once or twice and the majority of kids.

On that note, Hasbro would never go to such "perfecting" levels of a figure as it would cost too much causing the figure to be much more expensive and end up not being sold anywhere. I mean, after all, who, apart from collectors, will pay a total of 80-100 for two small toys that normally would go for about 15 to 20 each? No one unless they are or something like that.

Least, that's my 2 cents in this topic about Hasbro needing to follow example of FansProject.
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