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Okay, quick thoughts on DLC #2.

At another $10 for the purchase, you would expect a lot more out of a DLC than two character models and a handful of multi-player maps. As such, this set comes over as a cash-grab more than a meaningful add-on, doubly-so when you realize that the resources for Dead End and Zeta Prime are already on the disc and are merely unlocked.

Dead End (Tracker) doesn't really fill a hole in the Decepticon ranks, but some variety is nice for scouts, I suppose. The only real problem is that the Decepticon cars are becoming less distinct from one-another, particularly with the very limit color palette for customization. Given the same colors, it's pretty hard to tell the cars apart now.

Zeta Prime (Elite Rig), on the other hand, is more distinctive, but here too the color palette is a harsh mistress. Zeta Prime's model really needs more color options to stand out to show how impressive it it. But, again, the very limit colors make it more muted and uninteresting. Honestly, would it have killed Activision to throw in a few more colors for this update for either side?

The maps are decent and add some more multiplayer options to those who are really sick of the first few maps included with the game. There's nothing terribly unusual or new about them, since they (again) just use resources from the main game and are based on those levels.

If you only play single-player, then this DLC, like the first one, has absolutely NOTHING for you. It's pretty clear that Activision considers the campaign to be nothing more than 'practice' for the 'real' game, which is very unfortunate. A few side missions for single-player to tie the DLCs together would have been awesome.

Instead it's pretty clear that DLC #2 is really meant to say "the game SHOULD have cost $70 on release, so here's how we're going to get you to pay that much". Nothing is truly added to the game, and the DLC price along isn't remotely worth the price of admission.

Also, considering how quiet Activision was about releasing this DLC, it's pretty much a clear signal that support for the game is now effectively over, and they're moving on to the sequel now where all of this will repeat. There's no more character content on the disc, and it seems very unlikely that they'll make a DLC #3 with all new material - since they haven't actually done that at all yet.

So, if you're a fan of either character or just MUST have the new stuff, then this maybe worth it. But for most rational, sane people, the $10 price tag for this DLC is off-putting. It's just not worth it.
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