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No, Adam Baldwin is the real Baldwin. It's all the others who are fakes. He's been in pretty much every good American TV show of the last ten years and had three lines in Independence Day (the US soldier who orders the civilians inside the underground base towards the end, he spends most of the movie standing next to the baddy from Dark Skies).

EDIT: From Cliffy's POV, he's probably more recognisable as the Senior Partner's representative who has a big fight with Angel in the last episode of his show. "People who don't care will never understand those who do" "But we won't care".

I've often wondered if he really is one of the famous family after all but just lies about it out of embarrassment. Just to confuse things looks wise he could actuall;y pass as one of them.

They've clearly got a much higher casting budget than any of the previous shows. That won't make it better or even better cast (other than The Mummy Returns I've not seen anything with the Rock in, no idea if he's acting's good enough to stand up on just the voice) but it's certainly impressive on paper. How long before Mark Shepard shows up as Wreck Gar?
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