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And, before we get Masterpiece Rodimus, we get Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee.

Takara Tomy are releasing HFTD Battle Ops Bumblebee as part of the Masterpiece line, as they are doing with Leader HFTD Starscream. Have to admit, I saw this one coming!

Up for pre-order at Robotkingdom. For only $132.80 + P&P.

So, for 112.20 (inclusive of P&P to UK) you can own what would appear to be a very slightly shinier version of a toy that's overpriced at 59.99 in the UK.

I am certain I will end up with this mold, but it will be the Hasbro release methinks!
And completists will be pleased to know there's 3 different versions of the same figure.

There will be three versions globally of this figure. The Japan
release will be painted in yellow to match the movie character.
The Hong Kong release will be painted in a metallic yellow.
The North America release will be unpainted, but the outer parts
are molded in yellow.

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