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In fairness, there have been so few releases in the Masterpiece 'line' it's hard to say if any stood for anything after Convoy (although I love Megatron as well, I gather that's a minority view...).

I can see why Starscream was released as Masterpiece - he really is a masterpiece!

Similarly, I think Leader Class ROTF Prime could also have been released as a Masterpiece figure (had he been released after the ROTF line ended, as Starscream has) - some mainline toys have caught up with Masterpiece, really (which perhaps 'cheapens' [figuratively - they're still bloody expensive!] the Masterpiece line anyway). In fact, maybe that's where he belongs - he's certainly not much use as a kids toy. We had a BBQ party last night (in Scotland, in September - with the rain - we're hard, ), and a friend was telling me how his son was in tears trying to transform Prime. After my friend spent ages doing this for him, he was transformed back to robot mode (again by my friend - his son still couldn't do it), and hasn't been transformed since. Another friend of mine has been through the exact same experience with his son. This must be a disappointment for the kids (and parents who've dropped 50 on a big special toy for them!).

As much as fans like accuracy in figures, perhaps things really have gone a bit far now, with the main lines too complicated. A few fantastic figures like Leader Prime could perhaps be released in lower quantity, at a slightly higher price tag, as collectors' pieces.

Oh, wait, that would be, like, a Masterpiece line, wouldn't it?
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