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My 11-year-old brother, like me, loves actually transforming them. It's like a Rubix Cube or a Lego model. But my little cousins spend most of their time asking either me or my brother to do the transforming them. Different strokes for different folks.

ROTF Prime is one of my all-time favourite moulds, along with Masterpiece prime. He's certainly more impressive than masterpiece Megs; a figure who leads muh to be desired but is a perfect companion piece to prime.
The starscream mould looks to be on a par with Prime (I have a Skywarp but haven't gotten around to taking it out of the box).

I can see the logic in all the MPs apart from these two movie ones. If they included the leader class Prime as well it would make sense. But they'd have to include Leader Megatron as well and he's crap. Which would fit in well with Masterpiece Megatron.

I kind of lost what point I was trying to make then.
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