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Feral Scream, Part 1
Airdate: 31 January 1999
Written By: Greg Johnson
Japanese Title: I am Resurrected

Optimus Primal and Cheetor battle Megatron and Waspinator for a stasis pod through a canyon. Cheetor accidentally buries Optimus in an avalanche, allowing the Predacons escape. Depth Charge arrives and helps to get Optimus out of the rubble before going off on his own. Optimus drives off back to base for repairs and instructs Cheetor to wait for backup. Meanwhile, Megatron loads the stasis pod into a gigantic machine, with cells from Dinobot and half of Rampage's spark. Lightning strikes the Transmetal 2 generator, and a second Dinobot is born. Depth Charge and Cheetor arrives, and the new Dinobot attacks. Cheetor manages to steal the Transmetal 2 Driver from Megatron's machine, and tosses it to Depth Charge. However, this leaves him open to Megatron's attack, which causes him to be trapped in the electrical current of the machinery. Electricity runs through the young Maximal for a while, until a gigantic explosion engulfs him and the machinery.

Depth Charge arrives at the Maximal base and reports Cheetor's death to Optimus Primal and the others. He heads deeper into the caves to scan the Driver by himself, finding out that it's an Alien device altered by Megatron. Depth Charge tosses the Driver into the lava to destroy it, but when he turns his back, Blackarachnia zips down and catches the device. Outside the base, Optimus blames himself for Cheetor's death. But it turns out that Cheetor is still alive, although he isn't in the best of conditions.

In the Predacon base, Rampage is furious at Megatron for giving the other half of his spark being given to the Dinobot Clone, and tries to reclaim the spark fragment. However, Dinobot is also able to squeeze Rampage's spark, just as Megatron was able to do before, causing Rampage great pain. Megatron then dispatches Dinobot to recover the Transmetal 2 Driver. Depth Charge, meanwhile, sets out from the Maximal base after repairs to hunt down Rampage. Dinobot ambushes him, and easily subdues him. The Predacons interrogate Depth Charge, but suddenly a beast jumps down and defeats the Predacons one by one, overwhelming the Predacons with his speed. Depth Charge is left alone to wonder what had saved him, but the mysterious beast disappears by the time Optimus arrives to his rescue. Meanwhile, when they return to the Maximal base, a damaged Cheetor stumbles onto the scene and passes out. Primal and Rhinox rushes out to help him.

Featured Transformers: Waspinator, Megatron, Cheetor, Optimus Primal, Depth Charge, Dinobot II, Rhinox, Blackarachnia, Rampage, Quickstrike

(Four out of ten)
Completely mediocre. There are some precious scenes in here, like Dinobot's creation or Rampage being angry at Megatron, or Depth Charge being an ass, but the plot itself isn't that good. You never believe for once that Cheetor had actually died, and the faux-horror movie setting, while done decently, doesn't gel well with the very Looney Tunes takedown of the Predacons. The shadowed monster is very obviously Cheetor in a new body, so the audience, even Saturday-morning-children, wouldn't be fooled. The big event this episode, the introduction of Dinobot II, falls flat.

Another bad thing is the fact that they've got two episodes to introduce the whole concept of Transmetal Twos, but it's botched up pretty badly with no explanation on where the Driver came out from. The new Dinobot, while high on the coolness factor, seems to be just another sadistic, slovering monster like Rampage. Which is a shame, because now the Predacon goons seem to be split into two cliches — dumb thug that gets blown up every time, or super-powered sadistic monsters. The attempt at characterization for Cheetor fails somewhat, since we don't really get to see much of him. Not the best episode out there.

First appearance of Dinobot II (or Dinobot Clone or Transmetal 2 Dinobot) as well as Cheetor's Transmetal Two Body.

Megatron's creation of Dinobot II is based on the creation of the monster from Frankenstein, complete with lightning bolts and Waspinator acting all hunch-backed and 'Masteerrrrr' like Igor. Well, the creation of the Dinobot clone from 'Double Dinobot' is also based on Frankenstein, so might be part of Megatron's creepy little obsession.

Megatron created Dinobot with a 'blank Protoform', a protoform without a spark. Whatever that's supposed to be. A malfunctioned protoform? A protoform that died during the crash? In any case, it's never touched upon again in the series.

'Subgrid Zarak' is a reference to Lord Zarak, the Nebulan Headmaster partner of G1 Scorponok.

Megatron spins around and over a cliff in a manner similar to the Tasmanian Devil and Wile E Coyote from the Looney Tunes cartoon series.

During the top panning shot of the Predacon base, the ship is reversed. Normally the right wing is the broken one and the left wing is whole, but it is reversed. On subsequent shots it's correctly shown.

Where did Megatron get the Transmetal Two Driver from?

Quote, Unquote
Megatron: "From the tempestous fury, the spark ignites… to sire new life! Transmetal two life! Mwahahahahaha!"

Waspinator: "Waspinator not like new lizard bot!"
Depth Charge: "I agree with the bug. But then, I'm not crazy about any of you."

Optimus Primal:"Where's Cheetor?"
Depth Charge: [tosses a piece of Cheetor] "Cat was tough. He went out fighting."

Optimus Primal: "Cheetor. This is my fault, Rhinox. I was rough on him, so he… so he tried to prove something."

Rampage: "You gave this the core of my spark? I shall rip it from his chest and restore it within me!"

Rampage: [on Depth Charge] "No! He's mine! I shall feast upon his still pulsating spark!"

Megatron: "What is that thing?"
Quickstrike: "Dunno, boss, some kind of ghost, maybe. Or it will be when I'm done with it! Yee-ha!"

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