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Default Transformers 3 toyline

Transformers 3 toy line size classes:

Transformers MV3 Activators ass.---$9.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech DLX-----$16.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech Lead----$59.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech voy-----$29.99
Transformers MV3 Cyberverse basic--$5.99
Transformers MV3 Cyberverse plus---$9.99
Transformers MV3 GO BOTS ass.------$12.99
Transformers MV3 Revving robots----$24.99

These prices are in Canadian currency, and according to the original poster, are not changes from the current toy lines, so US prices shouldn't change either. Deluxes would be about 9.99, etc.
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