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To be honest, I can't see the zombpocalypse really affecting the Transformers. It's probably going to wind up being 2 issues of:

Prime: -looking at the advancing human zombie horde- "What.... what's happened to them?"

Bumblebee: "From what I've been able too discover, thanks to watching a lot of human movies, they're zombies. The walking dead."

-zombies start trying, rather ineffectually, to eat Prime's right leg, what with that whole 'teeth vs alien alloy' thing-

Prime: "Is there a cure?"

Bumblebee: "No. Once they're infected, they're dead."

Prime: "And this affects us how?"

Bumblebee: "Massive-Mega crossmarketing thing. According to Ryall, we have to fight them." -sighs- "And he does cut our paychecks."

Prime: -shrugs- "I told you not to invest in those hedge funds."

Bumblebee: "I know, I know. You don't have to rub it in."

Prime: -narrowing his optics as the zombie horde continue to try, rather pathetically, to damage him- "This is getting annoying. They're chipping my paint!"

Star Trek will have an easier time of it......

Kirk: -seeing the advancing zombies- "Set phasers to disintegrate." -ZAP!-

Spock: "I must observe, Captian, that this was not nearly as much fun as playing Resident Evil."

McCoy: "Blast it, Spock, you know that IDW doesn't have the rights to that!"
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