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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Wasn't this zombie shit played out years ago?
Bear in mind that "30 Days of Night" and "Zombies vs ____" are the only two original properties IDW have that have been vaguely successful. One of them was going to crossover with the licensed stuff eventually.

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My understanding is that, as far as it being a multi-title crossover goes, it's actually TF vs Zombies, GI Joe vs Zombies, Ghostbusters vs Zombies and Star Trek vs Zombies. Rather than TF & GI Joe & Ghostbusters & Star Trek vs Zombies.

Whilst it is obvious that, if the zombies in question are shared, it establishes a canonoligical connection between the three universes (TF and GI Joe already share a world, as we all know), anybody expecting Venkman fighting side by side with Drift against a horde of undeads may be very disappointed.

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"Scott and David Tipton"

Christ. There's more of them.
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