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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Have the Joe & TF universes actually been linked since the Marvel days, excluding the microcontinuity crossovers and the odd strained in-joke? Mind, aren't IDW continuing Harry Lama's ninja car-crash continuity and thus probably continuing the Marvel Hasbroverse, even if Harry was a prissy bitch about the whole Transformers thing? Actually, prissy's probably harsh, considering he ignores vast swathes of everything whenever he writes...

From the talk of other realities I'm assuming that, as Halfshell says, the different characters presumably aren't going to be occupying the same space/time. My guess each arc will follow the rough pattern of "Zombies escape into Reality X, Characters Y fight them, they win, next reality".

Closest thing I can see happening to actual multiple franchise crossover is a brief handover at the end of each storyline, and maybe everyone teaming up in the original zombie reality for the final issue. Though I'm assuming with the rights to Ghostbuster and Star Trek toys being (IIRC) with non Hasbro companies there's enough of a conflict of interests for that not to happen with anyone but the Joes and TF's.

Two more thoughts: Isn't "IDW Universe" a bit grand when they've only a couple of original titles (only one of which most people have ever heard of)?

And, if the writers of this are making CVO (which, as I've never heard of it I'm guessing hasn't been running at all in the last 5 years) "Cool", does that mean it wasn't cool before?

EDIT: Oh, and if it's main IDW TF continuity what on Earth have they done to Optimus Prime since I stopped reading? I knew about the slightly desperate "Make Bumblebee like the film one" thing but Prime has a ****ing aweful design there.
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