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Go With the Flow
Airdate: 18 February 1999
Written By: Bob Forward
Japanese title: Zap! Shibire Babire bu

Cheetor fools around with Chak and Una, teaching them the arts of self-defense as well as basic science and the usage of tools. Rattrap watches this with disdain. Meanwhile, on a mountaintop the Predacons build a gigantic cannon, but because the bipolar energon source is installed before the shields, the Predacons couldn't safely get near the cannon. In order to complete the weapon, Tarantulas suggests that they capture the two proto-children that Cheetor had 'educated'. Waspinator and Inferno is dispatched to kidnap them, and Waspinator manages to capture Una. Depth Charge arrives to help but the Predacons retreat. Cheetor reports to Optimus Primal, who orders Rattrap and Depth Charge to rescue Una while Cheetor returns to base for repairs.

Una does manage to dismantle Waspinator en route to the Predacon outpost. Megatron fires the weapon at a low setting, knocking Depth Charge and Rattrap out of the sky. However, the incomplete cannon creates a feedback that knock the Predacons silly, forcing them to shut it down. Megatron tries his best to instruct Una to install the shields to cover the machine, but it is slow going, with the protohuman's limited intelligence. However, she manages to cover the machine with the shield, albeit in a haphazard manner. During this time Depth Charge and Rattrap find themselves crash-landed in a forest. Damaged, Depth Charge is stuck in the crater, unable to transform or fly. Rattrap goes off on his own to rescue Una.

Una is ordered to place the stabilizer crystal when Rattrap arrives. Dinobot engages the Maximal, while Tarantulas heads off to 'dispose' Una. Rattrap and Una manage to out-trick the Predacons and run off. Arriving where Depth Charge had crash-landed, Una reminds Rattrap of Cheetor's earlier lesson with a lever, and they manage to get a nonplussed Depth Charge free and use him as a raft. Sailing through the rapids, they shoot Waspinator and Inferno out of the air, and they knock Dinobot out.? Megatron prepares to blow the Maximals up with his cannon, but apparently Una had fancied the stabilizer crystal as a hairclip. The cannon explodes and the Maximals sail float away victorious.

Featured Transformers: Cheetor, Rattrap, Quickstrike, Tarantulas, Dinobot II, Megatron, Waspinator, Inferno, Depth Charge, Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Blackarachnia
Notable Others: Chak, Una

(Three out of Ten)
One of the lousy gag filler episodes, and this one isn't particularly a good one. There are some funny moments, like Depth Charge snarling at a butterfly, or Waspinator being dismantled by Una, but the main problem is Una herself. The Protohumans are ugly and uninteresting, and the plot — another 'Giant Cannon' — is hardly original. The protohumans are irritating, the Predacons are treated like jokes, and the ending is all too predictable. Stuff like protohumans studying is also boring. The river rapid chase is well animated, though.

Also, the 'time cheat' — in this case Una hammering one panel in, and when the scene changes the entire thing is complete — is rather unprofessional in my opinion. And why the hell is Tarantulas working with Megatron? This feels like a rogue season one episode, with Depth Charge subbing for Dinobot. It probably is supposed to be a 'fun' episode, but it falls completely flat on its back.

Cheetor teaches the kids how to beat people, as well as using pulleys and levers. Cheetor's power of premonition (unseen since season one) makes a comeback in a smaller extent, with his spark chamber opening moments before the alarms sound.

Megatron's creation of a giant cannon is very reminiscent of similar-looking giant cannon weapons-of-the-week from the original G1 cartoon.

This episode is used in place of the planned episode 'Dark Glass'. In that cancelled episode, Rattrap would've happened on a copy of the original Dinobot's memories and found a way to inject them into Dinobot II's mind in a heroic attempt to bring bad his friend. In the unproduced script, the old and new Dinobots would vie for dominance, with the new Dinobot winning out and Rattrap finally accepting Dinobot's death and mourns. something that would explain the otherwise unexplainable reason why Dinobot II would do what he would do in 'Nemesis Part 2' (yes, I'm being vague for the benefit of those who hadn't watched that episode yet). Depending on who you asked, reasons range from a substandard script, a too-dark storyline or lack of action, or a combination of the three. Shame, really.

Tarantulas is back with the Predacons for some reason, when nominally he has betrayed them since the end of season two.

During the battle with Dinobot II, Rattrap's tail-sword is slice into two. Several scenes later it is back in full length when Rattrap uses it as a makeshift oar.

When they crash into the forest, Depth Charge's mouth is also moving when Rattrap says his line.

During the river rapids scene, just before Dinobot says 'target immobilized', Depth Charge's fin clips through a rock.

Quote, Unquote
Rattrap: "Feh, educational stuff. I'd rather watching things explode."

Waspinator: "Waspinator sees helpless target! Oh, happy day!"

Waspinator: "Waspinator to Megatron. Waspinator has female fleshybot, but there is problem."
Megatron: "She'd better not be injured."
Waspinator: "No, she- injuring- Waspinator!"
Megatron: "Ah, situation normal, then. Yeeesss."

Waspinator: "Waspinator want to re-negotiate contract!"

Rattrap: "Heheh, I ain't dead."
Depth Charge: "This day's just full of disappointments."

Depth Charge (to an ersatz butterfly that lands on him): "What're you looking at?"

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