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Wow, so three straight months and nothing but the ongoing for G1, and with no mention of anything as of yet, Im guessing only ongoing #16 for february as well

I care nothing for the movie stuff, but I used to buy it just to support, but with 3 movie books out and only 1 of G1, doesnt work for me, sorry

especially with the fact that these movie comics are not even cannon, After that defience/alliance crap, the reign of starscream, and whatever else that means jack in terms of the movies

As for the ongoing and G1, Im waiting arc 3 out for trade, because seriously if the ongoing and the 6 issues per arc are only going to focus on one particular event at a time, and with no other G1 books out, I'm definately waiting on the trade, because these arcs read terribly by the month and in full 6 issue format so far isnt much better
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