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Red face Can anyone think of a show with as many animation errors as G1?

I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but if I have I can't remember the answer. Anyway, we all know the G1 cartoon's animation errors were legion, and I'd always just assumed it was down to it being a cheap toy cash-in, and assumed most of them were like that. However, over recent times I've seen all of GI Joe and all of Challenge of the Gobots, and while they do have animation errors in them they seem to a) have them in much smaller quantities and b) be a lot less noticeable.

Gobots does occasionally pull the "character in the background in a scene they shouldn't be in", but nowhere near as many times as Transformers does. Voicing errors (e.g. characters speaking with another's voice) and palette swaps seem non-existent by comparison...

But that's just two shows... I doubt Gobots' animation was complicated enough to give the scope for errors, while Sunbow's production team seem genuinely quite fond of G.I. Joe... However, I'd say they both have a comparable number of characters for writers, animators and so on to keep track of.

I'm more interested in finding out whether the above two are relative flukes - how does MOTU, Thundercats, My Little Pony etc. stand up relative to Transformers in terms of production errors? Not so much interested in plot holes as they seem to come with the territory, or general animation design (which is probably a bit too subjective anyway*) much like Bestselling Empire Strikes Back novelist Donald Faeces Glut, but in terms of how sloppy the simple production is.

* Though as a sub-point, is it me or does G.I. Joe have a very consistent style, unlike the three, four different studios seen on Transformers?
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