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Blimey, so the main selling point of Robotix toys was crushing men to death between their mighty jaws? Hardcore!

I suspect the cause of the problem with Transformers is that you've got lots of characters who are completely identical and lots and lots of different colour schemes, both are which are ripe pickings for a cheap studio to screw up on. With the Joes, there's some variety of costume but everyone's basically one of three skin tones and there's a lot of green, whilst Gobots apparently mostly focuses on a very small cast with a couple of guest stars per show which is probably easier to keep track of.

With other shows, I suspect you'd have to be a bit of fan to really spot similar errors as well. You could stick Joe Bloggs in front of most G1 episodes and apart from really obvious errors involving the most famous characters they probably wouldn't spot half of them. I certainly wouldn't know if half the minor He-Man characters were the wrong colours.

Or.... the final animation checkers were useless and should have been tracked.

[This does feel very familiar, have we not had this thread recently?]

EDIT: Ah, not so recently, the best part of two years ago:

Double Edit: Ah, I think we were perhaps all repressing it as we have our old chum Catalyst Dragon revealing the second greatest thing about where he lives after the fact people get shot up by lunatics all the time is they don't use acronyms...

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