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Vangaurd, again you seem to miss the actual point of the thread.

Cliffy's not overtly making a case for the original cartoon being worse compared to He-Man or My Little Pony.

He's just asking one simple question.

Do the other cartoons made around that time have the same amount of animation errors?

My point is you're not answering that question. I suppose your defense of the Transformer cartoon is commendable but save it for a more appropriate thread, ok thanks!

I've got the first volume of MOTU and Silverhawks, I've got all of GIJoe, Centurians, Thundercats, Dinosaucers, Voltron and Ducktales on DVD and I don't think any of them quite reach the amount of animation errors I notice in the original Transformers.

I'm gonna go with Dalek on it being down to so many of the characters looking exactly alike aside from the coloring.

Edit: I'd be curious if anyone could speak about Superfriends and it's like. Also Smurfs or My Little Pony and some of the other less "just for boys" cartoons.

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