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Thing is, I was thinking about that and I'm not entirely sure that's the whole answer... Okay, it is for maybe the Seekers, but Blades and Vortex don't look any more alike than Scarlett and Lady Jaye... From poking around on the internet, it seems GI Joe's "famous" animation mistake was mixing up the character models for the Cobra Trooper and Officer (the difference is a triangle on the helmet), which isn't something I'd notice, but as there really don't seem to be that many other errors (to the point where they're weirdly a lot more noticable, like the one where Beach Head's balaclava disappears).

The DIC stuff I don't ever intend to watch - the opening five-parter was so universally awful on every level and I'm not picking through a season or two of that to find out just how funny Big Ben's voice is (though I'd wager "very funny"). Bearing in mind that I could get it for free in an afternon with minimal effort... TBH, in the context of what I'm asking it's basically an irrelevance - it's a continuation of the same continuity by a different studio with a near-total cast and crew overhaul, and effectively a new series

Gobots' trademark error was switching Dr. Go and Baron Von Joy, which happened four or five times at most... There was also a habit of neglecting continuity for flashbacks, but seeing as said characters would nearly have lines spoken by the correct VA (making them a lot harder to ignore...) that seems to be more of a colossal scripting blunder (in line with many others) than an animation error.

So, yeh, I'm working with references from two other series that can reasonably be compared that I've seen, and am simply asking whether Transformers has an unusually high number of animation errors. And as a sub-question, I'm pretty curious as to whether many other shows of the era have obviously different art styles in the way Transformers does with Toei (was it Toei?) and AKOM.

It's just I've always taken it as received wisdom that every cartoon in the toy tie-in 1980s Western genre was riddled with the same mistakes and quirks, and the two I've watched through really haven't been for the post part. Well, Gobots (especially) has the "Superfriends rejects" scripts and the cavalier attitude to continuity, but the animation seems a lot less error-filled (though I'm well aware of it being so primitive possibly makes it a special case).

To the TF cartoon in general, I'm actually fairly ambivalent... It used to piss me off, but I take it more for what it is now, know which episodes are genuinely irritating and should be skipped and can enjoy it as a bit of nostalgic fluff for the most part.
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