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Vangaurd, again you seem to miss the actual point of the thread.
No, let me sum up more simply. The answer to Cliffy's question is 'yes'. There are a lot of errors in other shows at the time. Some are far worse than others, often depending on the studio involved. DIC and Filmation were atrocious in their errors, for example. Of course, a lot of these shows just didn't do well - either they were so bad that no one watched them, or the toy lines just didn't support them for long (if at all).

There are a couple of things which makes G1 a bit more of a victim. One, the Franchise has been going nearly non-stop (with only a year-long break in 1991) for nearly thirty years. I can't actually think of a toyline, much less a toyline with cartoon tie-ins, which go back nearly that far so largely uninterrupted. That means that G1 is going to get a lot more 'watch' time than, say, Silverhawks or even Thundercats. A lot of people, a lot of time, that means a lot more errors get spotted and reported.

The second does get to what you were saying. The errors that we're likely to catch have a lot to do with model use. Swapping the seeker's colors was a pretty commonly spotted error because, hey, dammit, that's Starscream who's supposed to be there, and not Skywarp.

Transformers just appears a lot more glaring for this type of error. Wrong models, mismatched voices, etc. played all these shows, of course, but I haven't seen a Centurions web-page devoted to the fact that the wrong suits were often used in shots, or colored wrong, etc.

But I was just pointing out that Transformers, at that time, was a fairly unique beast in a lot of ways. I do know that Sunbow often lamented that their release schedule was so tight (particularly for the first batches of season two and three, which is where most of the errors pop up) that they had to skirt the usual error-catching pass. It didn't help that AKOM (which had the majority of these episodes) was so ****ing awful that there were more errors than the average as well.

I've got the first volume of MOTU and Silverhawks, I've got all of GIJoe, Centurians, Thundercats, Dinosaucers, Voltron and Ducktales on DVD and I don't think any of them quite reach the amount of animation errors I notice in the original Transformers.
GI Joe is a little harder to see, due to some of the overall generic-ness of the 'human model'. The layering errors, etc, are there in places, though. You just don't get the jarring issues of Starscream and his brothers, and Prowl and his brothers. They didn't use AKOM as much for GI Joe as well, so that's a big difference. (And, of course, we're talking Sunbow here. DIC was just awful.)

Voltron, of course, was recycled anime so a lot of the errors were cleaned out long before it actually became Voltron. If you want to see what 'would have happened' otherwise, just take a look at 'Fleet of Doom'. "Both Voltrons TOGETHER!"

Centurions often mixed suits and colors, even with only the three (later five) to deal with. I can't speak to Ducktales but I found a LOT of errors in the early-season batches of both Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers. So Disney Television was definitely not immune.

Edit: I'd be curious if anyone could speak about Superfriends and it's like. Also Smurfs or My Little Pony and some of the other less "just for boys" cartoons.
Smurfs often had the advantage of 'how the hell could you tell' between a lot of the characters not named 'Brainy' 'Papa' or 'Smurfette'. When they started doing the 'knight in training' episodes, though, the usual errors got more obvious.

Superfriends is a bit of an odd beast as well, as there are actually several series that make up Superfriends and some are better than others. Most of the outright errors are in later episodes which tried for better animation (competition was hitting them hard at this point), but the early episodes were just awful in artwork - so I guess it was less to error check.

Of course, Tom and Jerry had the infamous 'Yugoslavian' episodes that are infamous for their errors, bad sound mixing, and overall suckitude. Yet Cartoon Network loves to play the hell out of them.

In my opinion, the absolute worst stuff came from a short-lived studio that became infamous for 'lifting' Disney movies and series and putting out their ripoffs as 'specials' on TV before going to video and then finally DVD. The studio had several names, but you'll know their work like 'Alladin' and 'The Hunchback' and so on, which are usually $2 DVDs somewhere near the Disney ones. Sadly, some parents don't figure it out.
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