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Yeh, the differing way GI Joe introduces characters (i.e. new toys) is curious. The two regular seasons start with a multi-parter that basically does nothing but shoe-horn in new toys, and bang, that's pretty much it - the new ones might have a bigger role in later episodes, they might not, but if they do, chances are that episode won't just be a laboured plot designed to hammer home their basic personality.

Transformers seemed to be less... decisive about it. Dinobot Island sort-of introduces most of the Season 2 characters, but most of them do basically nothing (it's been a little while, but IIRC Powerglide is the only one who really does anything, the rest of them get a line or two but basically take over the usual group functions of Season 1 characters), so then we get all these episodes basically introducing Red Alert or Seaspray or Beachcomber or Blaster or Tracks or the Triple-Changers or Omega Supreme, and by the time that lot's done, whoops, here come the combiners, better make the lot we just spend 20-odd episodes shilling look rubbish...

Then at the same time GI Joe seems to have been fortunate just from the timing of its' production. A lot of the guys they focus on in the first series (e.g. Lady Jaye, Flint, Shipwreck, Destro, the Baroness) were still part of the range when they made the second (not to mention that G.I. Joe started reusing characters a few years ahead of Transformers, meaning Roadblock could stay in as the same character while also promoting a new toy just by donning a different uniform), and the writers (who've gone on the record to say how they loved some of those characters) took advantage and still gave them some meaty roles.

I think if there'd been a third Sunbow series straight after the film, focusing on the likes of Falcon and Jinx against Serpentor and Cobra-La or something, with Cobra Commander and Duke written out and tiny Movie-sized roles for the by-then discontinued likes of Flint, Destro and so on, it'd probably look a lot more disjointed. GI Joe's lucky in that the disjointed bits are the first two mini-series, and then there's a run of 90-odd episodes which feel a lot like one continuous series,
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