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Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
There are a couple of things which makes G1 a bit more of a victim. One, the Franchise has been going nearly non-stop (with only a year-long break in 1991) for nearly thirty years. I can't actually think of a toyline, much less a toyline with cartoon tie-ins, which go back nearly that far so largely uninterrupted. That means that G1 is going to get a lot more 'watch' time than, say, Silverhawks or even Thundercats. A lot of people, a lot of time, that means a lot more errors get spotted and reported.
On the other hand though, it's not the full 25+ years of stuff that gets easily picked apart, it's the three years and three episodes of G1 and the Unicron stuff, which is what, five years? No one, as far as I know, finds the Beast shows or Animated hugely error ridden (the former has a couple of noticeable mistakes and no doubt the later does as well, but nothing in the same league as the others).

If anything the Beast shows would actually have more of an excuse for it, they were basically, along with Reboot, breaking new ground that hadn't been done before on TV. There's huge mileage in that to get things wrong but they generally knew the limitations of the technology and worked within them, whilst having a careful eye for detail that means the wrong CGI model being used for Rattrap in Code of Hero is probably the only "Big" error, and he's so small on screen at the time only a dedicated fan would likely spot it.

To go off on a tangent slightly, I've noticed in the last couple of years that non fan friends can't really take the animation in Beast Wars seriously. Which is annoying, I think the problem is because TV CGI has never really taken off (in the success category you've got the Beast Shows and Reboot, then you've got a handful of shows that are either completely forgotten like that Prince Valiant thing or were considered utter crap like Dan "Written by Simon Furman" Dare) there's no real frame of reference for people to make comparisons with except for big budget movies. Which is unfair on the Beast shows...

As far as GI Joe getting more of the love from the people making the shows, it's worth remembering that Joe already had been around for years. The young guns working on RAH probably had the original toy as kids and had some nostalgic fondness for it, whilst Transformers was just new kids stuff. Hardly surprising which got more attention, though Transformers tends to get the same nowadays, especially on Animated.
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