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On the other hand though, it's not the full 25+ years of stuff that gets easily picked apart, it's the three years and three episodes of G1 and the Unicron stuff, which is what, five years? No one, as far as I know, finds the Beast shows or Animated hugely error ridden (the former has a couple of noticeable mistakes and no doubt the later does as well, but nothing in the same league as the others).
Keep in mind, G1 is the source of the Franchise as a whole. That means everyone refers back to it. They don't do that to the Unicron Trilogy, Beast Wars, or even the Micheal Bay movies. It's a lot like how Star Trek (the original) is nit-picked while Deep Space Nine and Voyager are largely forgotten. Everything is ALWAYS compared to the original, if it makes sense to do that or not.

Unicron Trilogy was just the big recent 'block' of the franchise and just outright sucked. But I doubt that, in three or four years, anyone's really talking about it much.
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