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Mmm, I agree with Beast Wars - in technical terms it's probably aged worse than any of the other shows. There's a sort of... timelessness to cel animation, plus really good, well-drawn animation is always going to be good, well-drawn animation in the way that, say, a well-drawn comic always will be (even digital colouring can't make something look like, say, Frank Miller in his pomp).

Something like Akira, that's well drawn and animated in the first place, isn't really going to age because it's not dependant on technology (or at least, it used technology that can't really be improved on in that field), whereas CGI is a technology that's improved massively over the past decade or so.

The cel stuff probably also gets off a bit by the relatively even comparisons - a well-animated episode of G1 (to go for the jugular, let's say "Call of the Primitives") looks about as good as most more up-to-date TF cartoons. Whereas BW has the more obvious comparison of the decade-later massively-budgeted films.

Obviously, though, BW has a lot of other things going for it, but I could see why the animation could be... distracting for anyone who didn't get used to it before CGI really started coming on.
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