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Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
Keep in mind, G1 is the source of the Franchise as a whole. That means everyone refers back to it. They don't do that to the Unicron Trilogy, Beast Wars, or even the Micheal Bay movies. It's a lot like how Star Trek (the original) is nit-picked while Deep Space Nine and Voyager are largely forgotten. Everything is ALWAYS compared to the original, if it makes sense to do that or not.

Though by every term in which these things get measured The Next Generarion is by far the most successful Trek TV show. The highest first run viewing figures, the most episodes, the most contemporary awards. Kirk and company have the films sown up but as far as TV goes TNG is the baseline for all Trek.

As far as Transformers goes, God knows what the overall most successful and iconic version of the franchise is (possibly the films, at least in terms of size of audience and demographic reached, I have friends and family who were old when G1 began who enjoy the films almost inspite of themselves: "What, it's a movie based on those crap toys we had to buy you as Birthday/Christmas presents when you were a kid? Well this won't be good... Ohhhh big screen action!"). But I don't think it's a case of the Unicron stuff only getting it in the neck from fans because it's recent, I've never heard a bad word against the Animated Show in terms of quality of animation, various people don't like the ides and format but no one faults the look.

Equally, even at the time I don't recall people ripping apart actual errors in Beast Wars just because it was current. Some fans didn't like the style, nor the characters or stories, and may didn't like the use of CGI at all, but legitimate complaints about errors in the animation? I can' t recall that many.
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