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Master Blaster
Airdate: 1 Match 1999
Written By: Eric Torin
Japanese Title: Blaze, Dragon

Megatron sends Waspinator to lead an attack against the Maximal base, and he successfully dispatches Silverbolt before the other Maximals storm out. Denied of reinforcements, poor Waspinator is quickly squashed by the Maximals. However, Waspinator was merely a ruse to draw Optimus Primal out. A hidden Tarantulas uses a blowgun to shoot a dart, which burrows into Primal's foot. The dart unfolds and makes its way through Primal's interior machinery and accesses Primal's spark. Optimus Primal goes black for a moment, then punches Cheetor, speaking with a Western drawl.

Soon, Blackarachnia returns to the Maximal base, suspicious at the open doors and the darkened interior. Optimus Primal sneaks up and grabs her. The Predacons reveal themselves, as well as the rest of the unconscious Maximals trapped in a cage. Quickstrike is revealed to control Optimus Primal's body by piloting a large mechanical suit. Blackarachnia is left to Rampage to play with, while Quickstrike uses Optimus Primal's body to allow Megatron access to the Ark. Megatron enters the Autobot shuttle, only this time his target is not Optimus Prime, but rather his namesake, the original Megatron. The Predacon leader opens the Decepticon's chest and uses a tentacle to grab the original Megatron's spark. After a bit of a struggle Megatron manages to contain both sparks within his body. While he recovers from his ordeal, Quickstrike, influenced by Tarantulas into working against Megatron, dumps the Predacon leader into a lava pool.

Meanwhile, Rampage is about to step on Blackarachnia, but the Maximal uses her newfound telekinetic power to slam a girder onto the Predacon. After outsmarting Inferno, she then proceeds to free the rest of the Maximals, although they are too injured to be of help. Meanwhile, Tarantulas accesses Teletraan-1, activating a self-destruct sequence which would destroy all the Autobots and Decepticons within. However, as Tarantulas leaves the Ark, Megatron rises from the lava, now reformatted into a new dragon form by a combination of the lava dip and the original Megatron's spark. Megatron burns the treacherous Predacon for failing to destroy him and tosses him into lava as well.

Blackarachnia assaults Quickstrike and manages to outsmart the Fuzor, freeing Optimus Primal from his control. The two head back towards the Ark. Megatron and Optimus Primal battle, the former reveling in his newfound powers. Blackarachnia manages to shut down the destruction sequence with seconds to spare. The remaining Maximals regroup and manage to drive off Megatron. Optimus then remarks that they needed to end the Beast Wars quickly...

Featured Transformers: Silverbolt, Inferno, Quickstrike, Tarantulas, Waspinator, Megatron, Dinobot II, Cheetor, Rattrap, Optimus Primal, Blackarachnia, Rampage, Rhinox, G1 Megatron (deactivated), G1 Optimus Prime (deactivated)

(Seven out of Ten)
After the Silverbolt-Blackarachnia romance thread after the previous episodes, we finally kick up the gear for the final arc of Beast Wars. While this episode begun like something similar to another 'weapon of the week' episode, it is refreshingly surprising to see the Ark revisited again. Tarantulas is excellently portrayed here, in his manipulating the Predacons. The dialogue in this episode is especially well-scripted, Megatron in particular. We get lots of comedic moments for poor Waspinator and Inferno, while Blackarachnia's newfound sense of heroism works well. Taking over Optimus Primal's body might not have been the most original idea, but it suits well to get the Predacons in position in the Ark, in order to have Megatron do his stuff.

There are quite a bit of plot holes, though. Why didn't Megatron kill Optimus Prime while he's at it? Why hand Blackarachnia to Rampage when killing her outright or imprisoning her would've caused the plan to succeed? While they might be explained by Megatron simply being your typical gloating megalomaniac, the fact stands that they are glaring plot holes. Megatron's battle against Optimus Primal is nothing short of epic, as is the unveiling of his dragon body. And Optimus Primal's solemn proclamation at the end sets up the mood for the cataclysmic end of Beast Wars...

First appearance of Megatron's Transmetal 2 body. Well, the toy is marketed as a Transmetal 2, and all fans call it Megatron's Transmetal 2 body, but it's never referred to as such for the four episodes it appeared in, and Megatron's upgrade into a Transmetal 2, unlike Blackarachnia, Cheetor and Dinobot II, is unrelated to the Transmetal 2 Driver. That's what happens when toy gimmickry collides with storytelling...

This episode effectively retcons that all Transformers in G1 had sparks as their soul or lifeforce thing. Megatron's spark is also funky instead of the normal blue... it lashes around, too. It is unclear if the original Megatron's spark influences the Beast Megatron's mind while the two are combined. There have been arguments on both sides of the party, but in the end it's up to the fandom to decide.

After several episodes of loosely working alongside the Predacons again, Tarantulas is now his own independent faction. Why does he want to destroy all the Autobots and Decepticons when it would lead to his death as well? Tune in next episode!

Several new abilities are showcased this episode. Blackarachnia apparently has telekinetic powers in her new body (which would not be seen again after this episode), while Megatron's new body can breathe fire or ice.

After several jibes in the then-still-growing online fandom, Teletraan-1 is now pronounced as such, instead of 'Teletron-1' like it had in previous episodes.

Megatron's line "Enter the Dragon" is a reference to a Bruce Lee movie of the same title.

Teletraan-1's line when it shuts down (quoted below) is a homage to the Star Wars parody 'Spaceballs'.

Several times the Beast Warriors interact with consoles for Transformers their size (roughly slightly bigger than a human) when in previous episodes the consoles in the Ark have always been portrayed as large compared to them.

At one point before his upgrade, when he's gloating about collecting the set of Maximals, Megatron's head is coloured like his Transmetal 2 head.

Why didn't Megatron shoot Optimus Prime's head again? It's his master plan, after all...

Quote, Unquote
Blackarachnia: "You'll live to regret this, crab legs."
Rampage: "I regret everything, my sweet. Struggle as much as you like, I enjoy it."

Tarantulas: "By the Pit, you live!"
Megatron: "I am not so easily destroyed. And thanks to your treachery, my power is greater than ever! Let me thank you."

Megatron: "I can suffer your treachery, lieutenant, but not your incompetence!" [lobs Tarantulas into lava] "Treachery requires no mistakes."

Megatron: "Enter the dragon!"

Megatron: "Megatron does not yield... he conquers!"

Teletraan-1: "Eight clicks to core implosion. Five... four... three... two... one- Core implosion aborted. All systems normal. Have a nice day."

Megatron: "Did you think you could stand against the fury of both Megatrons?"

Optimus Primal: "What Megatron's done has just made it more important than ever for us to win this war… and win it soon."
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