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Originally Posted by Summerhayes View Post
But seriously, why call it that in the first place? Does spastic mean awesome space robot on the other side of the pond?
It seems to be regarded as a much more mild insult, it (or rather "Spaz") pops up in Buffy a few times (and was cut out by the BBC) and even allowing it's not a show that was supposed to be on a six o'clock it's hard to imagine any British show being able to have a "Good" character get away with it.

I suspect over here the charity shop unfortunately did indeed help it become achieve the dubious status it has.

But irregardless of the cultural differences, surely naming a Transformer after a real, deliberating condition is in somewhat bad taste? What next? Decepticon Meningitis? Autobot Aids?

And reading Halfshell's post, all the way through it I was hoping he wouldn't get in there first with the Scope* joke, but he did. Bastard.

*For our transatlantic cousins: That's what charity The Spastic Society renamed themselves as when they realised they were mainly raising the words use as a terrible insult. Though I've got a feeling they may have changed the name recently once again because exactly the same thing was happening on playgrounds with the word scope...

EDIT: Looking at Wikipedia I'm wrong about the name changing again, and it was apparently Blue Peter that helped make the word popular with schoolkids as a full on insult when they ran a feature on a bloke with the illness in an attempt to increase understanding and harmony. With predictably the opposite result.
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