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Yeh, from what I gather in America it's much more of a sort-of idiot level word (it's in at least one mainstream Marvel comic I can think of off the top of my head as a very mild insult)... Whereas over here the prominence of the charity shop led to it becoming a playground insult, and thus taboo, leading to the Scope rebranding. All I can think of when I hear the word is Gervais' bit in "Politics" (or was it "Animals")... And remember at least once getting told off by my mum for a slip of the tongue when referring to Spasma. Actually, what're the odds they were aiming for Spasma and someone ****ed up?

But yeh, either way pretty stupid name for a toy - it's also pretty unimaginative as it's just a single plain word, which they seem to have moved away from a little bit in recent years either through portmanteaus (or whatever the ****ing word is) or X-TREME SPELLZ0R. It makes Scooter look that little bit more dignified, too...


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