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Eh, I expect the answer is going to be to just not release the figure - how often do we get a full line of anything anyway? I don't buy that they'd give much of a shit about a few overseas toys fans giggling at the name either... Even without digging into tired Engrish pictures there're probably hundreds of products around the world called something that mans something rude in some country said products aren't sold in - isn't Punto (as in Fiat) an obscenity in some language or other, or was that an urban myth?

In itself, the word really isn't a million miles from, say, Frenzy, Spacecase or Hooligan, while Misfire a/o gives a precedent for people having names that just happen to reflect their personality disorders. Then there's High Beam, who's name is allegedly slang for erect nipples, though I've only ever heard that in discussions about the Transformer, and Transformers fans are full of absolute shit.

Wasn't the reason Slag's name was changed as much to do with the word being used as fake swearing in Beast Wars?
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