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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Wasn't the reason Slag's name was changed as much to do with the word being used as fake swearing in Beast Wars?
I wouldn't be surprised if having to edit the episodes for ITV played a part in the name not being used again. Changing a bit of the packaging for foreign markets is reletively simple, but if you wind up with a tie in cartoon having to go all Action Force to change a characters name that the broadcaster in one of your major secondary markets finds unacceptable is probably to much effort, hence just a straightforward dropping of the name. Though does anyone remember if Channel 5 edited the show as well?

However, I'd be surprised if the name being made up swearing in itself had any impact on the decision, after all, the same show used Inferno as a euphemism for "Go to hell!" (which isn't really much worse than the "damn" "Slag" could be argued to stand in for) but Hasbro had no problem introducing a toy/character of that name during the run. It just meant Mainframe had to drop the term quietly in case it got confusing.
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