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Nemesis Part 2
Airdate: 7 May 1999
Written By: Simon Furman
Japanese Title: Happy? This Should Do It.

Megatron opens fire at everything on sight with the Nemesis, quoting a passage from the Covenant of Primus about a 'Megatron'. Optimus Primal contacts Rhinox to deploy operation Eternity, and with Tigerhawk opens fire at the Decepticon warship, but fail to do anything worse than scratching the hull before Megatron returns fire. Tigerhawk tells Optimus to hurry back to the base to rally the Maximals, telling Primal that he would hold the line there. Meanwhile, Dinobot II comments that with Rampage's death, his spark seems to have changed, and admires Tigerhawk's stalwart defense. Summoning a giant tornado with his powers, Tigerhawks manages to disable most of the power conduits on numerous parts, limiting Megatron to only use the main fusion cannon. Megatron opens fire at Tigerhawk, who tries to hold it back with an energy beam. Despite his power, Tigerhawk is overwhelmed by the power of the blast, and is atomized.

Rhinox tells Rattrap that they are preparing to move the Ark. Optimus returns to base, and is told by a computer that Tigerhawk has been terminated, and swears in rage that Megatron will be stopped. Inferno and Quickstrike, meanwhile, drives off the protohumans. Hammer the protohuman chief tries to fight them back. Inferno is about to open fire at Hammer when the Nemesis soars overhead. Not realizing that his troops are below him, Megatron prepares to open fire at Hammer with the Nemesis. Dinobot tries to stop Megatron for some reason he seems not to fathom, asking Megatron where the honor is in killing a lone human. After a tense silence, Dinobot waves it off as conserving power. Megatron ignores it, and opens fire at the protohuman, killing Inferno and Quickstrike in the process.

Rhinox and Blackatachnia note in dismay that the ship has been offline for too long. Meanwhile, the Nemesis approaches the Ark and activates the tractor beam, tearing the mountain apart while the cannon is forced to recharge. Optimus Primal enters the Decepticon warship after disabling the grinders, and begins a brutal battle royale with Megatron. Despite floating around, Blackarachnia and Rhinox manages to get the engines online but they burn out almost immediately. Rattrap notes that they are all going to die. Dinobot mutters that Megatron is not being honourable and sportive by attacking a defenseless enemy, and sends a message to the Maximals informing them of a shuttle hidden inside the Ark (something that Blackarachnia notes the history datatrax doesn't mention). The Maximals activate the Autobot shuttle. Megatron gains the upper hand against Optimus, and orders Dinobot to fire. Dinobot refuses, and Megatron bats him aside. Before he could fire, though, the Rhinox-piloted shuttle crashes through the Nemesis' bridge, going all the way through and taking Megatron with him. This causes a chain reaction that causes the Nemesis to begin to crash. Optimus Primal flies out, telling Dinobot to save himself. However, Dinobot remains with the ship, telling Optimus Primal farewell as an explosion engulfs him.

Some time later, Optimus Primal remarks that all is as it should be. They have repaired the Autobot shuttle and attached a transwarp cell to it, and leaves the past Earth to Cybertron, a screaming Megatron tied to the hull of the shuttle. Back on Earth, the protohumans have built a village, and are using parts of Inferno and Quickstrike to worship their new leader... Waspinator.

Featured Transformers: Optimus Primal, Tigerhawk (killed), Rhinox, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Rattrap, Megatron, Dinobot II (killed), Inferno (killed), Quickstrike (killed), Dinobot (flashback), Waspinator
Notable Others: Protohumans (many killed), Hammer (presumably killed)

(Eight out of ten)
An excellent, action-filled episode. However, there is the distinct feel of it being rushed, since there are some niggling questions left unanswered at the end of the episode. We never saw the Nemesis return back to its undersea grave, or G1 Megatron's spark being returned to its original body. Nor do we get a definite explanation for Dinobot II's sudden change of heart. Inferno and Quickstrike are also gotten rid of in an idiotic manner, although it's very ironic and I suppose it's all part of Megatron's insane delusions. Regardless, those two's exit aren't the glorious exit that the other Predacons like Rampage or Dinobot got. Sure, they are comedy material, but they could've gotten more awesome or respectful deaths, right? I loved those two goons...

Other than those minor quibbles, though, this episode is simply excellent. Considering that it had been reduced from a three or four parter into a two-parter, it's a nothing short of brilliant. It's a grand finale for the Beast Wars series, with the Nemesis being portrayed as the ultimate threat and with past, present and future all on the line. When Tigerhawk, new-toy boy who had single-handedly defeated the Predacon army two episodes ago, is obliterated in a single blast... Tigerhawk's death is really well-done, considering he doesn't have much of a personality. I felt kind of sad seeing him die like that, heroically picking a battle he couldn't win to buy some time. The most tragic death had to be Megatron killing Inferno and Quickstrike without knowing that they were down there, and Inferno's anguished scream at seeing his beloved royalty not even bothering to check... that's cold. Megatron's delusions of godhood, including him quoting the Covenant of Primus constantly, is well-executed, and that final battle between Megatron and Optimus Primal is nothing short of climatic. It's brutal, direct, and yet at the same time satsifying to watch. I do think that they spent too much time for Optimus to fly into the grinders.

Dinobot II, who spent all the rest of season three as nothing short of yet another Predacon powerhouse, went through a sea of characterization in this episode. While nowhere as grand as the original Dinobot in Code of Hero, Dinobot II gets a lot of excellent lines, even though his change of heart is kind of abrupt. Rhinox, too, gets an excellent moment as he flies a shuttle directly at the Nemesis' bridge. For a moment there I thought Rhinox was going to buy the farm, considering the death toll of season finales and Silverbolt's sad salute before Rhinox takes off. The character's emotions are excellently portrayed by the CGI, especially that of Dinobot and Optimus Primal. There's really very little to hate in this episode, with every action and line being a joy to look at. It's a fitting ending to what is probably considered the best cartoon series ever by most of the fandom (bar those zoophobics and G1 purists).

The final appearances of Inferno, Quickstrike, Dinobot II and Tigerhawk. Also, everyone else has their final appearances in the Beast Wars cartoon... until Beast Machines, that is.

Megatron quotes the passage with the name 'Megatron' from the Covenant of Primus. Presumably the original Megatron took his name from it as well. From what it sounded, Megatron seems to be the name of some ancient powerful evil warrior. Very recently, this Megatron mentioned in the Covenant of Primus have been retconned as the Fallen. Eh.

The fusion cannon of the Nemesis borrows its name from the favoured weapon of G1 Megatron.

Rattrap mentions that he has a 'Predacon-parts' collection, including a lot of Waspinator pieces. Kind of morbid.

Optimus Primal lost a teeth in the battle with Megatron. Cute.

The passage from the Covenant of Primus, 'In the darkest hour, there will be light', is most likely a homage to the oft-repeated 'light our darkest hour' from the original Transformers: the Movie.

The pieces of machinery that float around as the Nemesis' tractor beam attacked the Ark include a dart from Blackarachnia's original gun, one of Rhinox's Chainguns of Doom, one of Depth Charge's missiles, Rattrap's gun, and one of the autoguns usually installed outside the Maximal base. Plus several other machinery bits.

Optimus Primal's line 'this has to stop! At any cost!' is another homage to the Movie, namely Optimus Prime's line 'Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost'.

According to Blackarachnia, the Autobot shuttle hijacked by the Maximals to return to Cybertron was never mentioned in the history data-tracks, making the timestream constant with what it is supposed to be and not a paradox.

As befitting a Furman-written episode, there are lots of quasi-religious ramblings from the Covenant of Primus (several of which are quoted below). They bear strong resemblances to passages from the Bible.

Rattrap accuses Blackarachnia as being an 'emasculating fembot' when she uses his tail sword as a wire. Go find emasculating in the dictionary, and have a good chuckle.

Blackarachnia and Rattrap have a slight debate about how to correctly pronounce 'Teletraan', a nod to a similar debate in the internet fandom when the supercomputer was pronounced 'Teletron' by Blackarachnia in early episodes of season three.

If Megatron had heeded Dinobot's warnings and not opened fire on the Protohuman colony, the Nemesis would be recharged at full strength when reaching the Ark. Plus, he wouldn't have lost Inferno and Quickstrike due to the friendly fire. Had he not done that, he would've single-handedly won the Beast Wars...

Dinobot is still able to live even after Rampage's spark is destroyed, so it raises some interesting questions. Perhaps Megatron had placed some of the original Dinobot's cloning or whatnot inside the clone, causing it do develop a spark of its own? At this point I think we can assume that Dinobot II is really cloned from the original Dinobot, and it's not just a physical similarity.

It should be noted that Megatron seemingly killed Hammer the tribe chief. Coupled with Inferno and Quickstrike seemingly killing several in their assault, that should've had repercussions in the timeline...

In an early draft, the Maximals would launch the Ark instead of the Autobot shuttle. Also, the Coneheads Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet would've been activated to ram the Nemesis instead of the Autobot shuttle. This would've also probably provided an origin to where the three came out from in the second season of the original cartoon. This scene is obviously dropped.

Deleted scenes included in bonus DVD sets that have been partially animated but not included for time limits:
-Optimus Primal tearing out a transwarp cell (which would later be seen in the Autobot shuttle) from the Nemesis before telling Dinobot to save himself.
-Optimus Primal placing G1 Megatron's spark back where it belongs.

However, Optimus Primal did say that things were supposed to be (the scene that's supposed to take place after they return G1 Megatron's spark) where they are before they left Earth, so we could assume they returned G1 Megatron's spark off-screen.

When Tigerhawk is about to be blown apart, Dinobot's monocle is on the wrong eye. The same thing happens during the final battle scene.

When the Nemesis begins approaching the mountains, the cannon is at 65 percent power, and by the time they reach the Ark, it's at 75 percent power. However, a short while later when Optimus Primal boards the Nemesis, it's already at 90 percent out of the blue.

In 'Other Victories', Megatron is worried that if Tarantulas destroys the Ark, he will destroy the Decepticons as well, and in extension the Predacons. So why is he doing it now? Although judging by his religious ramblings, it seems like power corrupts absolutely...

When Optimus Primal returns to the base and discovers Tigerhawk's death, his right wing is missing.

After he leaves Tigerhawk, the blast shields normally on Optimus' lower arms go missing throughout the rest of the episode. However, they appear for brief scenes during the battle with Megatron.

Inferno and Quickstrike are seemingly vaporized by the Nemesis, so how could the Protohumans use their parts for tribal equipment?

Optimus tears one of his wings off to jam the grinders at the bottom of the Nemesis. However, in subsequent scenes his wing is fine.

When Rattrap says his 'we're all gonna die' line, his kibble backpack is missing.

How did the Protos put Waspinator back together?

Quote, Unquote
Megatron: "'I am alpha and omega... beginning and the end. I am... that which is... which was... and is yet to come! And you will know my name is Megatron... when I lay my vengeance upon you!'"
Dinobot II: "You have already read the Covenant of Primus?"
Megatron: "Just the good parts."

Optimus Primal: "For pity's sake, Megatron... No more!"

Megatron: "I'll say one thing for my namesake, he liked his artillery big and plentiful. Eh, now... where was I? Ah yes, mindless destruction! Good for the spark, I always say."
Dinobot II: "My spark has changed... it now feels... complete."

Optimus Primal: "You can't stop that thing alone."
Tigerhawk: "Perhaps, but it is my destiny to try. I will hold the line here. Go!"

Megatron: "Blast that Tigerhawk! My forecast was for clear skies all the way to Cybertron."

Dinobot II: [on Tigerhawk] "A brave stand... and noble."

Optimus Primal: "Nooo!" [slams the blast doors] "This ends here, Megatron. No more good friends will be sacrificed to your insane ambition. I swear it! No MORE!"
Rattrap: "Uh, you knock?"

Dinobot II: "This one [Hammer] seems hauntingly familiar... but I wonder why..."
Optimus Primal's voice: "...saved the valley... saved the lives of those who lived here... and those yet to come..."

Megatron: "Hmm, I suppose, given my imminent godhood, these primitives should really be beneath my intention. Still, no score is too small to settle, I always say."
Dinobot II: [stops Megatron, then silence] "You would turn the full fury of this mighty warship on a lone anthropoid?! Tell me, Megatron, where's the honor in that?"
Megatron: [glaring contest] "You dare use the H-word to me?"
Dinobot II: "I… ah... I apologize. I merely felt our power should be conserved for... the larger battle."
Megatron: "Duly noted... and ignored!"

Inferno: "But- my queen! We are down here!"
Quickstrike: "Ah don't like th' looks o' this!"
Inferno: "Nuh-NOOOOOOOOO!"

Rattrap: [Rhinox's machine explodes] "Just in time for one of those ominous silences..."

Megatron: [as the mountain is torn apart] "'...and the stone of their protection shall rise up forever and ever, as those who live and war as beasts confront their final cycle.'"

Optimus Primal: "This has to stop! At any cost."

Megatron: "Well, come on, let's have it. The usual 'destiny and honor' speech."
Optimus Primal: "Speech this!"
Dinobot: "Heh heh heh."

Megatron: "And there came a hero who said: hurt not the earth, nor the seas, nor the trees, nor the very fabric of time." But the hero would not prevail."
Optimus Primal: "Finish the quote, Megatron. 'Nor would he surrender!'"

Rattrap: [Blackarachnia uses Rattrap's tail-sword to substitute as a wire] "Hey! Ya emasculating fembot!"

Blackarachnia: "Main thrusters connected to Teletron I!"
Rattrap: "It's Teletraan!"

Rattrap: "No power, no weapons... we're all gonna die."
Rhinox: "Yup."

Megatron: "Victory is at hand."
Dinobot II: [mutters] "A coward's victory."

Blackarachnia: "The history tracts never mentioned this!"
Rhinox: "History is still being made. Come on, move!"

Megatron: "I am alpha and omega, Optimal Optimus! Now and forever, until the end of time!"

Megatron: "Destroy them!"
Dinobot II: [pauses, grits teeth] "Negative."
Megatron: "What? What possible reason could you have to disobey me? I am your master! I am your creator!"
Dinobot II: "And I... have my honor!"
Megatron: "Then stand aside, traitor, as I fulfill my destiny!"

Rhinox: [crashes into the Nemesis] "For everything that ever was..."

Optimus Primal: "Dinobot, save yourself!"
Dinobot II: "Farewell, Optimus Primal."

Optimus Primal: " 'In the spark of an enemy, there will be salvation, and in the darkest hour, there will be a light.' "
Rattrap: "Yeah, from a very unexpected source – old chopper-face's clone. Who'da thunk it?"

Optimus Primal: "And let us never forget those other brave bots, whose sacrifice safeguarded past, present and future."

Waspinator: "Waspinator happy at last."


And, with that, my guide to the Beast Wars is complete! Now I'll probably be taking a break to review IDW stuff again, before doing Beast Machines. And after that, Animated... cause I can't bear to watch Armada and the others, that's why.

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