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Smile Movie (1986) Draft Script revealed to the fandom... a group of fans based in Disciples of Boltax who bought it off Ron Friedman. It could be downloaded here in pdf form, or here if you don't fancy downloading the file, although some pages are repeated.

Bunch of interesting stuff that we haven't seen in other early drafts, including an unused sub-group of Anibots, the Decepticons being based on a dead moon instead of Cybertron, more roles for the Season one and two Autobots (Powerglide, Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack, Warpath et al), Bluestreak killing Thundercracker, Astrotrain dogfighting with the Dinobot shuttle in space, the brutal deaths of Gears and Windcharger during Galvatron's attack on Autobot City, a sub-plot on Earth with Blaster, Scourge, Sunstreaker and Wheeljack, where 'Life Spark' came from, references to Sparks as souls (kind of like Beast Wars)...

Worth a read!

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