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Think so.

From what I've read (the 'net crashed before it downloaded the full file) the life sparks bit are in there, and continually referred to as such. Though it functioned more like the sparks as we know it in BW, floating around as Megatron's spirits...

Bluestreak totally cut Thundercracker into two with a laser knife! That's so freaking cool to me for some reason.

Damn, it's a good thing they gave Blaster's dialogue some polishing before the final cut.

Bits I noticed as well:
-The Anibots seem to be the basis for the Predacons if their altmodes are anything to go by.
-The deaths of the four Autobots are more graphic than what is filmed -- Brawn gets cut into two, Prowl gets melted down, and the Onebox Twins got fused together before being blown up (that last two we've seen before, I think).
-Dirge has succeeded Starscream as second in command of the Decepticon forces during the Battle of Autobot City.
-No mention of Spike, but Daniel is around for some reason. With a freakishly overpowered exosuits.
-No Matrix so far in the story, so the story doesn't flow as well.
-That deathbed scene is quoted in Five Faces of Darkness, hey! So we know where it came from...
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